Why I chose to display my art work in the areas depicted in the photograph below for the following reasons:

  • Just like with “brick with life trapped inside”, from the outside there is nothing, other than a boring brick, however, closer inspection shows there’s life and beauty trapped within if you look.

However, one normally walks by without looking, there may be a door into and a door out, for the observer to see the reality, but often the doors are not used and the reality is ignored.

The reality is that the life and beauty trapped is there within, but remains hidden and cut off from the outside world, as people tend to not always see what’s alongside, or prefer to ignore.

This area mimics this, as even though there are doors both sides (one being at the beginning), few open that door and those that do walk straight past and out the other side without taking in what they’ve walked past.

With little external stimuli (mirroring my own life), the observer can be forced to focus – this is my hope.

I myself am a “brick with life trapped inside”, often bypassed.

My intention is to visualise the issues and attempt to expose hidden beauty that human form ignores out of ignorance and encourage beauty and colour to grow around and eradicate the dark satanic despair that dominates our industrialised lives.

  • I’m also advocating sight/sense as I’ve also attempted to draw attention to natural colours by extracting natural colours from natural materials, rather than use man made paints and colours, to some extent; I have emulated our forefathers and the beginning of art – “the cave man and his cave paintings”

Again, the cave man made the cave his studio and its walls his canvas.

He painted his surroundings for prosperity with the colours he had and saw, but again they were hidden in the dark gloom of the cave and unless someone ventured inside and looked, it was bypassed and hidden for millenniums.

How did I feel about my works being in this gallery?

I felt that hanging my works in this shop gallery left me vulnerable, because it happened alongside myself displaying my more renowned fine art landscapes at the “Bankside Gallery”, in London and thus maybe it could have caused conflict.

However, if I was merely a student learning my way in the world of art, I would obviously be full of praise, as it provided an opportunity and good training curve insight into how one who go about hanging works and marketing ones works and I would there like to offer praise to Steve Baldwin and Jamie Holman for their foresight in establishing this shop/gallery.

It took me out of my comfort zone, as in normality my works would be hung professionally for me by trained art curators at major national and international galleries.

For an up and coming artist this is great foresight for what may come.


Critical analysis of my works being there

Although completely against my normally recognised works, I have thoroughly enjoyed producing these pieces as they allowed me to experiment in different art styles and gain an appreciation for another school of art.

It gave me freedom of expression and allowed me to try and portray a personal story.

It allowed a flow of trapped emotions to come out.

I hope people can understand my personal story through these works.

I thank my tutors for this opportunity.

I would do it again.

It was the right place for this piece of work as it was a personal story for a closed group to see as part of my undergraduate level degree studies.

It makes me happy to think it gives me confidence to distribute this style of art further, alongside my more renowned pieces and thus showing here to start has lowered my defences.

I believe my work opens up foresight of the world, but that remains concealed and I hope this work shines a light on that.


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