What is “Sight Sense”, that I Promote?


Art Beyond Sight   // Sensored

17th March-1st May

Art Exhibitions are usually a visual experience. But as humans we understand the world by combining what we receive from all five senses. As a registered blind artist, I felt it important that art was made accessible to all and was inclusive of those of us without full use of the five senses.

Art with a Heart hosted a sensory based exhibition that I proposed, that explored how the five senses can enhance and change the way we understand art.

The idea was to take art beyond just being a visual encounter.

One part of the exhibition was looking at the concept of ‘vision’, the mystery of synaesthesia and the sensation of sound. This section addressed the senses purpose in optical perception whilst questioning the role of visual art in evoking the other senses in the viewer.

The second part Sensored, was a display of tactile engagement that playfully stimulate the senses of touch, taste and smell. Many of the artworks within this section offered visitors the chance to explore the artwork through their sense of touch, something that is usually forbidden within the gallery. This ‘hands-on’ accessible part of the exhibition hopefully inspires the public to engage with the art in a tactile manner and heighten the visitor’s sensory response.

The nature of this exhibition hopefully showed how the senses can influence our appreciation of contemporary art and allowed those disabled like myself, the chance to “see”art.


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