My Pictures and Photographs of “Mount Snowdon”(Yr Wyddfa)

Mount Snowdon, in Welsh, Yr Wyddfa, meaning ‘the tumulus’, dominates the landscape of North Wales, soaring to 3,560 feet (1,085m) and is the highest mountain in Wales or England. The Snowdon range consists of eleven peaks, three of which surpass 3,000 feet.Snowdon

Often cloud capped, Snowdon is shrouded in legend, and is reputed to be the burial place of the giant ogre Rhita, vanquished by the famous King Arthur. The mountain is home to a number of rare flowers and insects, including Sundew, an insectivorous plant.

“Face of Snowdon”

View from Snowdon

“Face of Snowdon from Beddgelert”
“Snowdon In October”


A climb to the summit, on a clear day is rewarded with enthralling views of England, Ireland and Scotland. The mountain has been exploited for its copper since as far back as the Bronze Age, extensive Copper Mines were excavated in Victorian times.

I have been to Snowden recently and got my inspiration for these paintings from the views in my memory and from the photographs.  I took these photographs with an SLR camera.  I tried to not copy the photograph but make to make it similar to the photograph. I used my own painting style.

I used ready mixed paints with acrylic and oil paints and I put sand in the paint. I put sand in as I wanted to see the effect it made and also to see how it felt. I wanted to do something different with a landscape painting and most people do not use sand in paint. I have never come across a British artist who uses sand in paint.  I feel like my technique is very unusual.  The painting is on mixed media paper as it can take all paints as it doesn’t sink through. It is heavy media paper so it would take the paint and the sand.

I really like the details colours on the paintings. I am not trying to get an exact copy of the photograph. These paintings are more abstract because of the way the colours are and the hills. I feel the photograph also looks abstract in places. If I had only used one kind of paint I don’t think that that painting would have turned out this way. It would have looked even more abstract. It may have looked like a cartoon abstract. It would have been too colourful. I added more paint to make it thick as the ready mixed paints are too bright and watery.

I think the painting would have been better on a board because it can take the paint. I would also put a bit more detail into it especially into the sky. I would have put more dark going into lighter colours. I would also do the painting technique on the sky differently I would have made the paint thinner and used a different brush.

I will probably return to paint Snowdon again at some point.

David Blackburn likes to paint on canvases this is different from me as I like to paint on acrylic paper and mixed media paper as this can take any paint. I am inspired by David Blackburn by his use of colours and the way that he paints this. He seems to be very careful where he puts the colours and the paints. The colours he uses are brighter and I use this as a guidance as these are easier for me to see. When he paints a painting he doesn’t mix other kinds of paints in with each other whereas I do. This makes me quite an usual artist as I mix paints. I think David Blackburn is a similar artist to me in that he paints in his own style and technique. So the main thing that connects my painting of Snowden and David Blackburn is the use of colour.



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