My Paintings: Porth Colman




These painting are of Porth Colman, Near Abersoch, Gwynedd in North Wales.

The main beach here is called Traeth Penllech, but most visitors refer to it as Porth Colmon, which is in fact the small, rocky harbour with a slip road at the western end of the bay.

This is a lovely, open beach, with good quality sand and a gentle, laid back ambience. It does get quite busy during the school holidays but there’s plenty of space if you keep walking along.
There is some excellent rock pooling to be had amongst the rocky fringes of the beach. Good surf happens occasionally, but smaller, body boarding style waves are more common.
On windy days some shelter can be had in the little rocky bays at the top of the beach.
There are no facilities here, but back up at the entrance to the main campsite there is a small shop/café which is open during the summer months.
Boat trips along the northern coast of the Lleyn Peninsula are available from Porth Colmon.

There are no dog restrictions on this beach.

Approach / parking:

There are a couple of access points to the beach. At the Porth Colmon end a path leads down past the campsite to a rocky area in the corner of the beach. At high tide you might have to paddle through some shallow water here, but otherwise it is possible to gain the beach with dry feet. There is also a car park situated about half way along the main beach; a footpath leads easily down to the sand.

I used a large canvas and I used acrylic and ready mixed paints. I drew with a pencil and I started adding the paint. I used black, whites, grey and greens as they are more connected to nature. Most fields are greens and I added the greys to make it look like there are rocks. It is a winter landscape.

I have used different brushes on the painting. I used the side of the brush to delicately press on the canvas and the I have dabbed it with a thicker brush.

I like the way I have done the mountain in dark greens and the hills behind this. They look like rock hills and it is obvious that it is a mountain. I feel this painting is more realistic and less abstract.  I am happy with the picture and although it might need a slight more detail I feel that it is a lovely picture to look at.

I painted the sky slightly lighter so that you could see the mountains. If the sky was too dark it would block the mountains out.


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