My Painting and Photographs of Formby Point

“Formby Point” – September, 2016

formby point

I’m lucky because I live near Formby Point.

Formby Point is an excellent place to start your exploration of Sefton’s Natural Coast. The 150 acre (60ha) site has a wide sandy beach, high dunes, furrowed grassland (former asparagus fields) and a belt of pinewoods.

It is ideal for families, with a large car park, picnic areas and way-marked paths to the beach, dunes and woods. The high dunes afford excellent views across the Irish Sea and on clear days after rain, even the mountains of Cumbria can be seen.

Named from its association with the first Lifeboat Station in Britain, established in 1776, the ruins of a later station, built on the original site in 1809, can be seen on the beach.

The coast here is undergoing erosion and the tides often reveal prehistoric mud layers, some of which contain human and animal footprints. Look out for these the length of Formby Beach from Lifeboat Road northwards of the National Trust property .

The dune slacks are important for the Natter-jack Toad, a nationally endangered amphibian. The many different habitats around Lifeboat Road provide homes and food for a wide variety of insects including moths and butterflies and for birds. The woodlands are managed to improve the habitat for our native Red Squirrel.

If you fancy exploring more off the beaten track, a walk to the south through Ravenmeols Sandhills will reward you with wide expanses of dunes, even more beach, pleasant woodlands and relics of past developments.

Formby Point is popular with schools for educational visits and provides a venue for a variety of events throughout the year.
There are no fixed visitor facilities on the site but there are plenty of amenities in nearby Formby Village. St Luke’s Church run a small Tea Room which is accessible from the site (Fridays and Saturdays April to September) Hot and cold food concessions may operate at peak times.

“The Dunes – Formby Point”
“Sahara Sands – Formby Point”

Please take note of beach safety flags and signage. Check tide times.
RNLI Beach Lifeguards on duty May to September.

I got my inspiration from the photograph above. However I visit Formby around three to four times a year and I think it is lovely with a gorgeous beach. Some of my inspiration came from my visits and my visual memory of the place.  I can remember the beach and it stays in my head.

I started off by drawing it with pencil and black paint and I used water-coloured paints. I used normal pastel ink paper. The painting is about 8 x 10 inch in size.  I like working in this size as it gives me more time to paint more. I find it easier to work on a small scale as I am not wasting paint or time.

I like the colours of the painting and I feel it looks reals like on the photograph especially the colour of the sand. I just used paints and did not mix anything with the painting. I wanted to try a different style.  I like the painting and think it looks really good.  I feel that when you look at it from a distance it looks realistic.  I do feel that the sky is very bold and dark colours and is abstract. In my opinion the only abstract part of the painting is the sky.

I feel that the painting would be improved if it was painted on a board. On a board you can just wipe the paint off as soon as you as you wet it and this would mean you don’t have to put more paint on top of paint.


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