My Painting and Photograph – “Scafell Pike”

“Scafell, Scafell Pike In October, 2016”

“England’s Highest – Scafell Pike”

Why would anybody want to brave the Cumbrian weather, risk painful blisters and battle against the toughest sheep in England to walk up Scafell Pike? Because it is there!

These paintings are similar to David Tress paintings because we both use very bold colours and paint landscapes. We both paint mountains and work with the shapes of the mountains. We both paint in an abstract style.

One of the ways that we differ is that my style is to just mix the paints and just paint the picture. I am not afraid to mix colours. I also mix things in the paint such as sand and salt and sometimes pastels that I have broken up and crushed. In these paintings I have mixed salt to give the painting more effect and detail.

I have used a thin brush and have swept it across the page instead of dabbing in I have gently brushed it across. I think that David Tress does skies that do not look like skies, in my opinion, he seems as if he has rushed it.

I got the inspiration for my picture from a photograph. I really liked the colours and detail on the photograph. I didn’t want to copy the photograph I wanted to do it in a bright, abstract painting. I keep the photograph in front of me while I am painting but I use my imagination to create the painting.

I feel these paintings could be improved by having more detail. If I was to paint this again I would paint it on a board instead of medium mixed paper. A board can any paint and it doesn’t go through the board. On this paper the paint gets wet and comes through the paper.

scafell-pike Not only is the Scafell Pike walk modestly challenging, it has invariably been described as exhilaratingbeautiful and breathtaking. It won’t take long to discover the beauty and romanticism of the great Scafell Pike mountain.


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