What I believe is meant by ‘context’

What  I believe is meant by ‘context’

I have asked countless times what ‘context’ means in terms of art.

No one has ever given me a straight answer.

Therefore, my own  reply to the question is:

I would usually say something to the effect that art and context is to do with bringing art practice out of the studio and closer to everyday life – achieving this in any and every way one can think of.

Also, that awareness of context applies at many levels, including the immediate context (where and with whom one works – who the work is for), as well as the wider cultural contexts in which we live.

The sceptics would often say, “isn’t all art in a social context?”

While true, this was really missing the point.

I believe the examining  body are specifically addressing the issue of context – therefore different to courses and practices that left this aspect of art unquestioned.

Also, I believe that whilst on this course we were primarily relating our work to places and groups within which art is not normally practiced (i.e. not just any context).

Ideally,  I believe contextual art is an art that would only make sense (and sometimes could only exist) within its chosen setting.

I therefore argue that on this course: – ‘The context is half the work’.

I would  say In actual fact, my explanations concerning context never really came home to my peers, or tutors until they experienced what it meant in practice – in terms of their own work applied in particular settings.


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