Have Fun With Leaf Pressings

How I made Leaf Prints: 9 Steps (with Pictures).

Leaf prints are fun and easy crafts for all ages. They’re also a great scrap-booking idea or a way to enhance gift wrap, cards and other paper crafts.
As an added bonus, you get two activities in one in that you’ll (like me), need to take a nature walk and collect leaves of all shapes and sizes. Return home and use your leaves for your craft projects.


  1. Choose leaves that are still fresh and pliable. Leaves that are dried will not work, as they’ll snap and crumble when pressed or worked on.autumn-shadows-2016-1172
  2. Make sure that the leaves are dry before using.
  3. Lay newspapers down to protect your work surface.
  4. Select a piece of paper,or experiment as I did with different materials such as: terleyne, fabric blend cotton, foil paper, fake leather, chip-board, foam fabric, mixed cottons, plastic film, foil card, sand-paper (use whatever you like and play – the results are fun), for your leaf print.
  5. Squeeze a little paint onto a small plate or palette.
  6.  Paint the surface of the leaf with paint. This is best done by placing the leaf on kitchen paper towel and painting over using a small paint roller suitable for craft projects. Make sure the entire leaf is covered.
  7. Gently flip the leaf paint side down onto the medium chosen. Carefully but firmly press on the leaf to ensure that the entire leaf comes into contact with the medium.
  8. Peel the leaf from the medium and you should have a printed image of your leaf.
  9. I Repeated with the same leaf and different leaves on differing medium. The same leaf can be used up to six times before it ceases to leave an acceptable imprint. And by adding different sorts of leaves, you can build a pretty pattern or design for gift paper, cards, a painting, or any other paper craft project.

    • Add more leaves of different sizes and in different colours.

    Most importantly have fun like I did !!!!


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