Roger Colson

My perception of Roger’s work:

The majority of Roger’s paintings are based on the effects of the changing light conditions of the sky, at different times of the day, during the different seasons of the year.

Roger Colson has been painting for over twenty years. An accomplished draughtsman, printmaker and painter, his recent series of landscape paintings has helped launched his career on a truly international scale.

Touring from one side of the globe to the other, 2005 saw Roger Colson’s work in a number of high profile exhibitions, including; Art for Life, Christie’s, London, Art Caracas 2005, The Jogas Gallery, Venezuela, The Biscuit Factory, Newcastle upon Tyne, Tempus Stet Design Consultants, Dubai

Leo Verhoeven

My perception of Leo’s work:

Verhoeven’s flat simplicity of form, repetition and lack of superfluous ornamentation demonstrate the kind of order found in a utopian ideal of architectural and social reform. Bu using solid blocks of bright colours, the artist emphahsises his response to the urban world. He takes a pop influence and uses it to create works that are striking and iconic. The buildings are familiar and the style is forthright, but by creating formative balance and harmony of colour Verhoeven’s work contains a subtle depth and power. Confident and accomplished, it is little wonder that Verhoeven is one of our thirty best selling artists.

Kasia Banas

My perception of Ktarzyna’s work:

Katarzyna Banas search for the ‘internal logic and order’, found in nature, empowers her to produces paintings which are fundamentally beautiful. Optimistic and intense her work transcends the confines of the landscape and creates its own sense of light. Born in 1973 in Poland Katarzyna Banas studied painting, graphic art and sculpture in the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw. In 1997 she graduated from Jozef Halas’s studio in painting. A member of the Union of Polish Artists and Designers and the Polish Pastellists Association her work has been exhibited across Europe.

Julian Merrow-Smith

My peception of Julian’s work:

Specialising in oil paint Julian Merrow-Smith eloquently applies his obvious talents to creating both, these wonderful still life paintings, and his portraiture paintings and commissions with equal dedication. Born in England in 1959 Julian has always enjoyed artistic success. His work has been exhibited with the Royal Society of Portrait Painters and in the National Gallery London.

Simon Fairless

My perception of Simon’s work:

Simon Fairless is a new and emerging British artist. His ideas and aesthetics spill into Landscapes, Seascapes and Figurative paintings, Still Life and Abstract works. He has exhibited his work throughout the United Kingdom and has works in private collections throughout the world. By using iconic images from contemporary life, the artist creates pop images that glow with colour and life. His varied portfolio moves through glistening abstractions to cityscapes and town scenes. Familiar London streets are recreated with a feeling of light and an understanding of the language of colour. We are very pleased to bring you this popular and talented painter.

Ralph Shephard

My perception of Ralph’s work:

Ralph Shephards is a landscape painter working in Acrylic on canvas. His work depicts the beautiful rural villages and countryside of Britain. From the coastline and clouds to the hay bails and corn, his work has got everything you need to be transported into a sunny idyllic village – where the old red public telephone box still remains outside the local public house and the stream meanders by, Ralph Shephards’ work is a beautiful antidote to the fast pace of modern living.

Stephen Gibbs

My peception of Stephen’s work:

Gibbs’s ability to appreciate and unpretentiously reflect the true beauty of the landscape before him enables us the viewer to openly enjoy looking at his work. He has been annually selected to exhibit at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, the Singer and Friedlander/Sunday Times Watercolour Exhibition at the Mall Galleries, The Royal West of England Academy in Bristol for the past five years and regularly exhibits in his local art gallery in Southend-on-Sea.

James Hands

My perception of James’ work:

If Impressionism is to be defined as an attempt to record a visual reality by reflecting the transient effects of colour and light, then James Hand’s work began in the same vain, with very similar concerns. Using his own visual reality as reference, as well as taking technical direction from the works of some of the great Impressionists, James began to explore paint, its effects and capabilities. Hands began by establishing a strong visual foundation by which to begin exploring transient light, colour and texture. His most recent empirical explorations seem not only to examine these concerns but to visually magnify the previous works appearance, and in doing so creating seemingly abstract compositions of light colour and texture. James Hands is one of Londonart’s most popular artists. His work has been celebrated across Europe and is held in numerous private collections.

Alexander Adams

My perception of Alexander’s work:

Alexander Adams studied Fine Art and Art History at Goldsmiths College. He has since gone on to exhibit his monochrome paintings around Europe. He abandoned colour in 1994 but has begun developing new works in colour “to end his apprenticeship”. He writes criticism for The Art Newspaper, The Financial Times, Printmaking Today and The Jackdaw and other publications.

Hanna Stachowiak

My perception of Hanna’s work:

Born in 1964 in Katowice, Poland, Hanna Stachowiak came to art at an early age. Before she had reached her sixteenth birthday Hanna had already won a host of painting and drawing competitions, including the Shankar International Children’s Competition, New Dheli, India – an event which recognizes exceptional talent on an international scale. This early artistic success compounded her desire to paint and after six years of long hard study she graduated form one of Poland’s most respected Fine Arts Academy’s in 1991. Since completing her formal training, Stachowiak has established herself as one of Poland’s most popular artists. An Art Collectors dream, her work has consistently developed over the last sixteen years, growing in its maturity and popularity and is now held in private collections across Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands and the UK.



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