Swinside Stone Circle

Continuing with my Neolithic theme and inspired work, I’d like to introduce you to one of my favourite and most spiritual places:

 Swinside Stone Circle

Location : Broughton-in-Furness  –  Grid Ref : SD 172882

Swinside Stone Circle is one of the three most important stone circles in Cumbria, and consists of 55 stones set in a ninety foot diameter circle

Although the circle is located on private ground, it can easily be viewed from a nearby public footpath.

The walk from the nearest parking area to the circle, which is located on the eastern flank of Black Combe, takes around half an hour there and back, and passes through beautiful but rarely busy countryside.

I have tried to imagine the stone circle back in the day of its construction, many thousands of years ago.

I have chosen a night sky, streak with the eeriness that is still to be found in modern day Cumbria.

I have used natural materials found around the base, I have applied home made quick lime to the canvas, made from the lime-stones of nearby Malham and then added the base found materials which include leaves, slates, peat, soil, mud and combined it with Cumbrian sheep’s blood to add that sacrificial element and sacredness of these shrines of our early ancestors.







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