Justification of My Works

I’m advocating sight/sense as I’ve attempted to draw attention to natural colours by extracting natural colours from natural materials, rather than use man made paints and colours, to some extent; I have emulated our forefathers and the beginning of art – “the cave man and his cave paintings”.

The cave man made the cave his studio and its walls his canvas.

He painted his surroundings for prosperity with the colours he had and saw, but again they were hidden in the dark gloom of the cave and unless someone ventured inside and looked, it was bye-passed and hidden for millenniums. The volcan with its caves could also be used in this prehistoric presentation of the cave man, using natural resources and lighting in it.

I have used the blood of animals, seeds on the grounds, juice of fruits, ash of fire, bile of animals, pigments of plants, soil and mud, just like our forefathers did at the dawn of time to create the beginning of art.

I have been inspired by the discovery of a handful of simple bird and animal carvings in the caves of Creswell Crags, a limestone gorge in Nottinghamshire, northern England.

Extensive surveys undertaken reveal that the English caves may hold the most elaborate Ice Age cave-art ceiling ever discovered. Up to 80 carvings of animals, dancing women, and geometric patterns have now been discovered.

I believe this find represents the most richly carved ceiling in the whole of cave art.

Animals depicted on the cave ceiling include bison, wild horses, bears, and ibex—species which went extinct in Britain at the end of the Ice Age 10,000 years ago. Species still found in the U.K. today, such as red deer stags, are also recorded in the rock.

Other themes include “conga lines” of what are believed to represent dancing women and stylized depictions of female genitalia.

I think the dancing women may have some ancient religious or cosmological significance.

The art is perhaps recording a spiritual dance at some very important religious event.

Here are examples of the piece of work I have done:









This is an example of a sculpture I made, involving some of the project work I am doing:




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