Plan of Research Project

Autumn Plan Research Project

Over Autumn, I was set the task of collecting items that appealed to me and related to my style of art, and to research and name some artists and works that inspire me and match my style.

I came across the following two artists:

  1. Hilary Jack and her works ‘The Great Planet Earth’
  2. Richard Long and his works ‘Profound Earthworks’

Hilary Jacks, like me, uses everyday disguarded items to create artworks and sculptors and sometimes her works can be seen to reflect society and beliefs of the people of the area in which she has found the items, or which is clear in the final piece.

She is therefore recycling and making statements with her works, just like I sometimes do.

I like to collect natural objects like pebbles, slates, stones, sand, clay and create rubbing drawings, pictures and sculptors that reflect landscapes and the natural world and the unseen fantasy world of my soul, that has angles, ghosts, fairies, etc.

Richard Long likes working with and in nature and sees his works as a walk with nature.

Richard uses stones, slates and pebbles to create amazing art pieces and patterns.

Richard’s work displays his inner soul.

I felt their art matched mine as I considered why I paint.

I paint as my up-bringing was harsh and my education was limited, and art gave me the way of escaping from reality into a world of safety and security.

In my younger life I did not have many options open to me as I was hidden away from society, but I had pencils, paper and paints, slates, pebbles, clay and stones.

I was fascinated by their works.

I love art because I believe it has made me the strong person I am.

When I paint, or look at art, I believe art starts to speak to me from within my soul. Art translates messages when I cannot read and when words fail me.

I believe art was around before language and to me a picture is worth a thousand words.

Therefore, for me, art is a way to express and is linked to my failure to have had an early education.

Art has given me strength and refuge.

I do not reject the use of language, I just cannot write words and sentences well without help and words therefore do not express the inner me, as someone else has had to write them for me.

I have complete freedom when painting and can question and express through my art.

To me, to paint is to show a bit of your soul. Often words fail me, colour and strokes speak my messages.

When painting, my soul comes to life and to me it’s a way of connecting with the inner me and I’m often surprised at what I see.

As Henry Ward Beecher said: ‘Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures’.

Sometimes I know what to paint – landscapes and nature, just like these two artists and my favourite artist Thomas Moran. But as time and colours go by, the outcome of my painting is totally different as planned. Sometimes I don’t know what the painting is going to be, but start painting anyway and often the outcome is something I had never imagined.

Just like Hilary and Richard, it is true that once I complete my paintings, no matter how much you love it, it is outside of you and can never be copied. All that I have held inside of me for that piece is right in front of me.

For me, the complete soul journey undertaken is right in front of me. A certain part of me has come onto the painting and remains there. Like a new baby has been born.

Jeff Melvion sums this perfectly: ‘It’s not your painting anymore. It stopped being your painting the moment that you finished it’.

Every piece of artwork I create is a labour of love, just like Hilary’s and Richard’s.

There are many massed produced paintings and artists who copy styles and this is not art to me. For me, there has to be enough movement of soul for something to be produced and Hilary’s and Richard’s works have this.

Art cannot be mass produced and other artists should not be copied and Hilary and Richard are unique.

There are times when my canvas stares at me for a long time and nothing happens. And sometimes there are days when I use many canvasses in a few hours. For me no fixed timetable or schedule for art.

The same is true of Richard and Hilary.

To paint is to speak and connect with your soul.

As I looked at Richard’s and Hilary’s works, I sensed a great sense of escape and pleasure of life.

I share that.

The art work seemed to celebrate life.

I believe that while painting, we live a life within, which is much different from the real world.

As Pablo Picasso said: ‘Painting is just another way of keeping a diary’.

Picasso’s words are so right for me, as during Summer (indeed year round), I’m lucky enough to have a partner with homes in beautiful countryside, in North Wales and in the Lake District and many of my landscapes paintings are diaries of the beautiful places I’ve been.

The slates on my desks are from Snowdonia, the sand and pebbles from the beaches of North Wales and the rubbings are of nature at its best.

I believe that as time goes by, paintings will show my life. Like a journal – diary, I can see the ups and downs of life and my feelings.

As Andy Warhol said: ‘If you want to know all about Andy Warhol, just look at the surface of my paintings and films and me, there I am. There’s nothing behind it’.

When I have looked back at my pictures, I see the person I was, have become and deserve to be.

Like myself, my pictures have evolved, as do Richard’s and Hilary’s and there are some paintings which have grown on me after a long time. And it’s not because I got used to seeing them.

I thick Richard and Hilary share my visions and like me love nature.


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