Cutting Out Old With New

This brief essay will show you the process that I will follow to create my laser cutting artwork.
The process in a nut shell is to draw up a design in a graphics program, cut it out by using a laser cutter, glue the pieces together and attach a saw tooth hanger on the back. Then I will have a custom made awesome art piece.

I’m going to try to walk through the process that I will follow for the piece that I hope to make using a portrait drawing I produced at the end of last year, that Paul Mason, Steve Baldwin and Jamie Holman admired.

In addition, I may also paint the individual pieces, stain them, frame the whole piece or hang it as is.

Now on to the step by step guide to create my piece:

Step 1: Draw up design in Inkscape/AutoCad/Illustrator/etc.

So the very first step is to think up a design:

The process that I will follow is pretty simple in that I first find an image that I want to use in my collage (as above), Import that image into my chosen graphics program. Trace out that outline of what I want to cut out and then trace out what features I want to etch. I will do this for each image I want to add to my design and then scale the design to however big I want it and move on to step two!

I’m a huge fan of how laser cut wood looks so I may choose to cut all of my designs out of 6mm or 3mm birch plywood but some of them would also look pretty awesome cut out of acrylic or bamboo. It’s something to experiment with.

After I get my pieces cut it’s on to assembling the final work or art and that will be fun and experimental.


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